Svakoga dana se trudimo da vam život učinimo lakšim.


  • Multitenant.
  • AutoCAD Viewer: HTML5 autocad viewer.
  • Customization: Create own module.
  • Abby FlexiCapture: Integration with OCR engine.
  • OMR: Optimacal Mark Recognition.
  • Advanced catalog with Zone OCR.
  • OpenKM SDK for .NET.
  • Integration with DigiFactIn.
  • Invoice capture solution for accounting firms. Invoice capture management for consulting firms.
  • Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Summarization - KEA: The OpenKM summarization service.
  • OpenKM - Electronic Document Exchange.
  • OpenKM - Automatic Invoice Management.
  • OpenKM - Online edition with OnlyOffice.
  • OpenKM - Data Capture Service in the Cloud.


  • Microsoft Office Addin
  • Live edit: Edit files remotely.
  • Knowledge Base: Create a knowledge repository.
  • Document Expiration : automatic catalog operations.
  • Desktop Sync: Automatic folders synchronization.
  • Task Manager.
  • OpenKM Scanner: Scanner client.
  • Chrome extension
  • Microsoft addin for Visio


  • Search for similar documents.
  • Support for mobiles.
  • Smart Tasks: automatic cataloging.
  • Extended columns: Metadata Display.
  • Mass Actions: Updating files simultaneously.
  • Macros.
  • Crontab: Scheduling periodic tasks.
  • Metadata.
  • Bulk upload.
  • Digital Signature Client.
  • Verification digital signature tap Information about digital signed files, available from the Desktop area
  • OpenKM and LibreOffice working together with CMIS.
  • Autotag: Automatic tagging of documents.
  • Custom User Interface: With OpenKM we can customize our own user interface.
  • Web Capture.
  • Relationships: feature that allow to relate objects, documents, folders.
  • Annotations on documents: this allows annotations on documents from the preview.
  • Download tokens without authentication: this option allows you to create a download link that does not require authentication.
  • Import station: Automate and easily manage, large volumes of repository importation.
  • Comparison between two versions of a document. Let notice the differences of several versions of a document graphically.
  • Text Extraction. It lets see the keywords extracted from the content of a document.
  • Seal, watermark or stamp of documents.
  • HTML5 drag & drop How easy is upload files and folders at the same time in OpenKM from browser.
  • Virtual printer. Upload documents sending to the printer.
  • Chronoscan OCR.
    Chronoscan automatic OCR data extraction working together with OpenKM Import Station.
  • AutoCAD Metadata capture
    Show how OpenKM is able to extract metadata of AutoCAD files.
  • Microsoft Addin version for Outlook
  • Hot folder. Upload files from desktop.
  • OpenKM - Advanced Digital Signature .
  • Scanner Station: Wizard for massive scanning of documents.
  • Compare the versions of a document with Microsoft Office.
  • OpenKM - Live Edit for Windows.
  • OpenKM - Addin for Microsoft Access.
  • OpenKM - Addin for Microsoft Project .
  • OpenKM - Watermark in digital signature .
  • OpenKM - ScanStation Scan and split documents with barcodes.
  • OpenKM - Encryption client.
  • OpenKM - Handwritten Digital Signature.
  • OpenKM - Online Editor.
  • OpenKM - Bulk uploader - New UI.
  • How to use the online editor.
  • OpenKM - Two Factor Authentication.


  • Wizard catalog. The wizard helps to classify documentation according to various criterias.
  • Project explorer.The explorer helps to browse folders of projects and upload new documentation.

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